Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

“Bulletin of Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture” is professional peer-reviewed scientific periodicals on construction and architecture and related fields of science and technology. Edition publishes scientific articles for the purpose of its distribution among scientists of Ukraine and abroad. Sphere of distribution is national-level. Category of readers: scientists, graduate students, masters, bachelors, specialists and students.

The Periodical’s mission is to provide the members of the scientific community with equal opportunities for publishing their research results and their free distribution.

Editorial Policy of the Periodical is based on the following principles:

– Objectivity and impersonality in the selection of articles for their publication;

– High level of requirements to the presentation of research results;

– Collegiality in the decision-making regarding the publication of articles;

– Accessibility and efficiency in the work with authors;

– Strict compliance with copyright and related rights;

– Compliance with the publishing schedule of the scientific collection and presentation of information on the Periodical Website.


Section Policies

Scientific investigation

Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

1. Manuscripts received by the editors, are preliminary considered by section editor on the compliance of provided material to the goals and objectives of the journal, its scientific direction. Manuscripts prepared without notice of “Rules of registration and manuscripts” and not containing contact information about the authors will not be considered.

2. In case of positive preliminary assessment, the manuscript is sent for review the two reviewers who are the experts in the corresponding scientific field.

Article is transmitted to the reviewer without giving any information about the author

3. Review shall objectively assess the scientific article and include comprehensive analysis of its scientific, practical, theoretical, methodological advantages and disadvantages.

Editorial office has the right to engage external reviewers. Reviewer can not be the author or co-author of the book under review, scientific director or employee of the department where the author works.

4. Reviews are discussed by the editorial board and serve as the basis for accepting or rejecting of manuscripts.

5. Review provides an analysis of the manuscript on the following criteria: 

  • Timeliness of the topic of scientific article;
  • Academic novelty of the research direction;
  • Formulation of the problem and the importance of these results for the further development of the theory and practice in this field;
  • Sufficiency of the study material;
  • Compliance of conclusions with the research goals and objectives;
  • Quality of work with sources;
  • Article submission quality: style, terminology, wording.


6. The final part of review should include well-founded conclusion and clear recommendation about appropriateness of publishing of a scientific article in a journal or the need for its revision.

In case of a negative assessment of the manuscript as a whole (recommendation about inexpediency of publication), the reviewer has to justify its conclusions.

In case of non-compliance of the manuscript to one or more criteria, the reviewer points out in his review the need to finalize the article and gives recommendations for improving the manuscript to author (with an indication of the author's inaccuracies and errors).

7. Editorial office should inform the author about result of review.

Articles finalized by the author, re-are sent for review (to the reviewer who made critical remarks or another one).

In case of conflict, the review is provided to the author without giving any information about the reviewer. If the author does not agree with the reviewers' comments, he may apply for re-reviewing or recall the article.

8. According to the results of reviewing, article may be:

а) rejected.

In case of refusal to publish an article, editorial office should send to authors motivated refusal within 10 days. Manuscripts with negative results of the reviewer are not published and are not returned to the author. The editorial board does not keep manuscripts not accepted for publication.

b) sent to the author for revision.

Accepted for publication article, that needs some work, is to be sent to the author with comments from reviewer and editor.

Authors should add any necessary corrections in the final version of the manuscript and return the corrected text to the editor, as well as its electronic version is identical with the original version and a cover letter.

Revised article is reviewed repeatedly, and the editors decide on the possibility of publication. Articles sent to authors for correction should be returned to the editor.

Failure to observe the terms of return of the article changes the date of publication.

c) accepted for publication.

Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned.

9. Article of authors who refuse to finalize technical scientific material; do not perform constructive comments from reviewer or do not arguments refute them, not allowed to be published

If the publication of the article has caused a violation of copyright, or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics, the editors entitled to withdraw published article.


Publication Frequency

It turns out 6 times a year.


Open Access Policy

The editors support the initiative of open access and provide immediate open access to their content.


Paid services

list of paid services provided by the editors of the Bulletin of Pridneprovs’ka State Akademy of Civil Engineering and Architecture:

• Defining index UDC, BBK and author mark for research paper – 15,0 UAH/article.

• Translation of the manuscript to the foreign language (English) – 1100,0 UAH/authors sheet (10–12 sheets of format A4).

• Completion of reference lists for course, graduation and scientific works:

validation of description – 3,50 UAH/one description;

clarifying the correct online account, electronic catalogs, database – 21,0 UAH/one description.

• Completion bibliographic record of translation – 6,50 UAH/one record.

• Searching indicated on original unknown and obscure terms and abbreviations in dictionaries and reference literature. Selection of respective equivalent to the term. Full form of abbreviation – 11,50 UAH/one term (abbreviation).

• Checking the position of the printed text. Collation with the manuscript. Correction – 124,0 UAH/authors sheet.

• Control editing: manuscript proof, correction, errors and defects detection – 4,0 UAH/one page.


Guildlines and Standards

The publication policy is based on the observance of standards of scientific ethics, in particular Committee on Publication Ethics.

The principles of publishing are in line with international standards: Code of Conduct for Journal PublishersPrinciples of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.

In its activity, the Issuing Editor applies the publication "EASE Toolkit for Journal Editors", namely: Golden rules for scholarly journal editors, The EASE Science Editors' Handbook), The peer review good practice checklist).

Editor follows Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.