Коментарі читачів

Choose consciously and wisely

як Ema Cyrne (2018-07-04)

 Choose consciously and wisely. You are only one choice away from changing your world. 

Nothing in life

як Maiara Villegas (2018-07-04)

 Nothing in life is to be feared--it is only to be understood. 

One of the amazing

як Romulo Souto (2018-07-04)

 One of the amazing things about this chess game called "life", is that we get to choose if we want to be the chess master or the pawn. 

Even if life is a bumpy road

як Ismael Castelao (2018-07-04)

 Even if life is a bumpy road or your dreams are taking a circuitous route, take time to live in the moment and enjoy the scenery along the way. 

Someone in the world

як Nicolas Belmonte (2018-07-04)

 Someone in the world is better off today because of something you've done. 

Know that there is enough

як Gaudencio Sobral (2018-07-04)

 Know that there is enough for all of us--enough money, enough opportunity, enough love for all of us to be happy. 

Adversity happens

як Valdeci Marcondes (2018-07-04)

 Adversity happens to everyone and it is not an excuse for abandoning our dreams.

We may not choose

як Candida Setubal (2018-07-04)

 We may not choose our circumstances but we do choose our attitude and our response. 

Make a choice

як Jeremias Ginjeira (2018-07-04)

 Make a choice. Change your thoughts=Change your world. 

We make the greatest

як Elia Barrios (2018-07-04)

 We make the greatest difference in the world when we !nd a cause that's bigger than our fears and step forward with faith.