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Life works better

як Anacleto Ilha (2018-07-03)

 Life works better when we go with the %ow rather than !ght the current. 

Love is letting

як Amadeu Carrasqueira (2018-07-03)

 Love is letting others know how much you appreciate them. 

Forget early

як Brenda Quinzeiro (2018-07-03)

 Forget early--there are enough worms for all of us. 

Adversity forces

як Anna Ramos (2018-07-03)

 Adversity forces us to focus on things we need to learn.

We can't choose the number

як Arnaldo Saldanha (2018-07-03)

 We can't choose the number of our age, but we CAN choose the age of our attitude. 

Change is inevitable

як Ruda Areosa (2018-07-03)

 Change is inevitable and those who adapt quickly are most likely to succeed. 

Worry is the 1 thief

як Anabela Porto (2018-07-03)

 Worry is the 1 thief of our time and has the power to rob you of beauty of today. 

Live well

як Heitor Cabreira (2018-07-03)

 Live well, laugh oen, love deeply. 

With laughter or love

як Braulio Correia (2018-07-03)

 With laughter or love, the more you give the more you'll receive. 

Sometimes we may forget

як Gui Prado (2018-07-03)

 Sometimes we may forget who we are. But what matters most is how quickly we remember our magni!cence.