Коментарі читачів

Rather than

як Anhanguera Castelbranco (2018-07-17)

 Rather than !ghting the wind, it's much easier to trim the sails. 

May you be safe

як Delfina Beserril (2018-07-17)

 May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live with ease and know that you are loved. 

Do something today

як Rogerio Fiaes (2018-07-17)

 Do something today that makes you grow. Stretch your boundaries and reach outside of the box. 

Every day

як Bruno Marroquim (2018-07-17)

 Every day, dream and be inspired. Read a good story, sing a song, play in Nature and share love. 

The !rst step

як Belmira Torquato (2018-07-17)

 The !rst step to loving someone is understanding who they are. Listen with your heart. 

What's possible

як Lineu Barcelos (2018-07-17)

 What's possible for you in your life? Ask. Trust. In!nite possibilities are born of faith. 

Happiness is a choice

як Luana Blanco (2018-07-17)

 Happiness is a choice that you get to make. 

Nothing can dissipate

як Fabiana Castelao (2018-07-17)

 Nothing can dissipate adversity faster than changing your focus. 

Life is richer

як Corina Salgueiro (2018-07-17)

 Life is richer when we celebrate our successes rather than focusing on our failures. 

For all that you do

як Estanislau Macena (2018-07-17)

 For all that you do, and all that you are, no one deserves loving kindness today more than you do.