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Question: Is it OK to put a sticker or decal on my rear car window before having the windows tinted.

Answer: It depends on which side you put the sticker on. Because window tinting is done on the inside of the glass, it would be a poor choice to put a sticker on the inside of the glass before the tinting is done. The person or company applying the window tinting will let you know how many days the tinting should be on the window before applying the sticker to the window.

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Of course, since there is no tint applied to the exterior of your car window, if you have a back adhesive sticker, it is no problem to stick a decal to it. It has no contact with the tinting, so therefore won't affect either the application or the use of the tinted windows.

Question: I want to take some decals off my laptop without ruining them. How do I do that?

Answer: Well, there is some good news and some bad news here. You can remove the stickers without ruining them, but the bad news is, they will not have sufficient adhesive, generally speaking, to re-apply them to anything successfully for very long.

Permanent acrylic adhesives, by their nature, are very aggressive, both to the material they're applied to (polyester and vinyl, typically), and to the item (laptop in this case) they're applied to. If you use some heat, and the stickers are not too old (a moving target here), you may even be able to get the glue to release from your laptop, but it may just as likely release from the sticker itself.

However, if I were you, I'd give it a whirl. What's the most you can lose trying? The sticker? Well, you didn't want it on the laptop anyway, so use a hair dryer on high heat and carefully heat the sticker up until it's warm to the touch, then carefully slide a fingernail or something sharp under the edge of the sticker and pry it loose.


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One caveat. If the sticker does leave glue on your laptop, you may want to have an orange peel-type glue remover on hand to apply to a soft paper towel or cloth to soak the remaining glue on your laptop, soften it, and remove it.

Question: I have a metal bucket, aluminum I think, that has some glue residue on it that I'd like to remove. How do I remove the glue?

Answer: Very similar to the above question, but their may be some slight differences due to what your sticker was stuck to... a metal bucket. Because you're working with metal, you have a wider array of chemicals you can use.


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When you're dealing with plastic, you need to use some very mild chemicals, such as the one mentioned above, an orange peel-type glue remover, but when you're dealing with metal, it is no problem at all to use xylene or lacquer thinner to melt the offending adhesive of that surface. Glass is also similar to metal in that you can use some pretty harsh chemicals, but you need to make absolutely sure that it is glass, and not acrylic or polycarbonate or a similar plastic or you may melt not just the glue, but the plastic as well.