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A skateboarder launches in to the atmosphere in the top a ramp. Seeming to hold in position for just about any second, he turns in midair and directs themselves back lower the ramp. Skaters label this maneuver a frontside 180. Physicists consider it as being impossible. Well, they never consider it as being impossible. Just very, very sneaky.

The factor is, among the fundamentals of physics may well be a something known as rules of conservation of angular momentum. And this is what it states: If you are rotating, you'll keep rotating unless of course obviously clearly a twisting pressure, or torque, functions to prevent you. Likewise, if you are not rotating, you cannot rotate unless of course obviously clearly a torque starts you rotating. Appears fair enough, right? https://www.scoop.it/t/skates-zone

There's another important detail. If you are in midair, the only real pressure that may do something positive about you is gravity. On the planet, gravity can't make you rotate it could only make you fall. Now i hear you ask ,, just how can a skater vary from not rotating to rotating, with no exterior pressure?