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Storing the FutonEach morning fold the futon and store it in the area provided. This could be a cupboard or cupboard, or the corner of this room. Japanese store their futons for several reasons. If the bedding is left out, it's in the way all day and limits the use of the room. Putting away it frees the space for uses other than sleeping. Futons left in place tend to become dirty, collect odors, mold and dust. Additionally, the tatami flooring needs to get air circulation. Futons have to be aired and fluffed often. The host deals with this aspect between guests.

 You're expected to store the futon every day. It's deemed bad manners to leave your futon outside all day to the tatami flooring.

How to Store a FutonBegin by bending the kakebuton (comforter) in half with the sheet sides from one another to keep their surfaces clean since they're contrary to your skin when you sleep.

 Fold the kakebuton in half to get it to a size which could be readily stored or stacked.

Should you leave the sheet on the shikibuton (mattress), fold it in half with the sheet sides against each other for cleanliness. Then fold it in half an hour. If, you eliminate the sheet (shiitsu), you are able to fold the shikibuton in thirds instead.

 If you have a bottom mat, fold in in halves till it gets to a manageable size.

Put the futon bedding components in the cupboard or cabinet supplied.

If they are to be stored at the corner across the wall, pile them in this order: shikibuton (mattress) on bottom, kakebuton (comforter) second, top having brushed sheet and makura (cushion).

Comfort of the FutonJapanese futons are quite distinct than western-style futons which contain thick mattresses on wood or metal frames which may convert from a bed to seating. https://getpocket.com/@2f8dvpbdTb1a5g2a73A905dAo1goT0328d2k43CfiDv42dw8c52c6Nb9O78QrX38

Japanese futons can be quite comfy and cozy while supplying a fantastic night's rest. Even if you do not choose to use Japanese bedding every night during your trip, a trip to Japan is incomplete without sampling the traditional Japanese way of sleeping