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Ohio Mattress buy Would shift Sealy power equilibrium CLEVELAND -- Ohio Mattress Co.'s move to buy what's considered among the most powerful of Sealy licenses would put a huge amount of power inside the Sealy organization into Ohio Mattress's hands, according to business executives.

 Additional acquisitions may mean a much greater change in Power, http://skateszone.com/futon-advisors-futon-mattress-going-become-mainstream/ , they notice, adding that a decisive shift in Ohio Mattress's favor may finally end the long record of in-fighting inside the Sealy organization that has been credited with beginning and prolonging drastic discounting across the business.

 Ohio-Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Co., wholly owned subsidiary of Ohio Mattress, announced late last month that it had executed a definitive written agreement to obtain Sealy Mattress Co.. Of Albany, Inc. along with the affiliated Sealy of Minnesota, Inc..

 The aggregate purchase price will be $46.25 million in money. The Two companies had combined sales of Sealy-brand products of $22.5 million in 1985.

 The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval and into a right Of first refusal held by Sealy, Inc., that has to indicate any choice to exercise that right by January 1987. Ohio Mattress dropped to speculate as to if Sealy, Inc. would exercise the right, and Ernest Wuliger, chairman, refused to define whether he planned to expand further within the Sealy company.

 Sealy-Albany and Sealy-Minnesota agreed to close the trade In 1986 unless Sealy waits until 1987 to provide notice of an intention to not exercise its right of first refusal. A spokesperson for Sealy, Inc. said the company would examine the records.

 This latest move by Ohio Mattress comes Less than six months after having a Chicago jury awarded the company $77 million in damages, charging that Sealy, Inc. had used its right of first refusal to obstruct Ohio Mattress from getting additional Sealy licenses. Sealy, Inc. has appealed that judgment.

 Sealy-Albany and Sealy-Minnesota were among the co-defendants in That lawsuit. Ohio-Sealy said it believes it will be able to recoup the full judgment, if affirmed on appeal, from co-defendants other than Sealy-Albany and Sealy-Minnesota.

 The move also comes less than two months after Ohio-Sealy Announced it had executed a definitive written agreement to purchase the Sealy permit in Memphis, but industry executives said the latest move is the more important. Sealy-Albany is considered one of the three Sealy licensees -- the flip have been in Connecticut and Illinois -- which have been most busy within Sealy. https://enetget.com/post/5358_https-futonadvisors-com.html

 "More than any other buy, this one does it," stated 1 executive. "These are the large licensees -- they've been directors of the company, members of the Sealy board. If you put a face on the Sealy organization opposing Ohio Mattress, these are the 3 principle protagonists."

 "It looks like Wuliger is actually building a dynasty," Stated another.

 In light of Sealy-Albany's position within Sealy, executives Said they were surprised the licensee had agreed to sell and wondered if this would make it simpler for Ohio Mattress to purchase additional Sealy licenses. A spokesman for Sealy-Albany declined to comment on the sale.

 One executive noted that the short-term Effect of the move will Depend on whether the current management of these plants continues on. "If it does not, that puts pressure on Ohio Mattress, which will be tight on direction to begin with."

 For the Future, executives said, the possibility of a shift in Power increases the chance of an end to the in-fighting in Sealy. "One side must become more powerful, and that would be great news for the Industry," https://plus.google.com/103244775717035759886/posts/8CbKAvSDx63 said one executive.