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Take advantage of the diversity of mills and promote them to customers based on their design or material. At the Grind Station, use signage to help guide customers to choose the right mill for their style.

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Through proper signage, wonderful displays and intriguing promotions, retailers can open up new opportunities to sell spice mills for every cooking and eating occasion. And, because there are a variety of different types and styles of spice mills, this category is ideal for creating effective displays throughout the store. Acrylic stands, easels and other POP pieces are the perfect way to educate customers on the features and benefits of the mills.

Simle verbiage, such as: A classic mill is the perfect addition to an elegant dinner table. Hit a home run with Dad this Father's Day (placed near the whimsical baseball bat shaped mill.) An acrylic mill- perfect for the picnic table.

Try the one-handed operation of an electric mill. (Also great for people with limited hand mobility.)

Fool your friends with a beer bottle peppermill. Create a coordinated look with your stainless steel kitchen. The Perfect Year-Round Gift Spice mills make a perfect year-round gift for new and experienced cooks. Highlight an eye-catching design, a gift set, or a whimsical shape that will bring a smile to the face of the recipient. Bundle salt and pepper mills together with spices for the perfect gift - for hostesses, bridal showers, Father's Day, holidays and birthdays. Give customers a discount on the purchase of two mills to make a set.

Educate customers of the benefits of freshly ground spices for use when cooking, barbecuing, entertaining or picnicking. Highlight a recipe that uses a freshly ground spice. In your demos and your cooking classes, show how a spice mill can quickly enhance everyday favorites. Freshly ground cloves give baked goods a delicious touch, and nutmeg adds a depth of flavor to mashed potatoes and cheese sauces.

Here are some suggestions to bring customers into your store time and again:

With each purchase of a spice mill, the customer could receive three coupons to be used on their next three purchases of spice blends at your store.

Hand out recipe cards that promote the use of freshly ground spices.

Create a spice booklet that highlights the uses and flavor profiles of various spices, including peppercorns and sea salt.

If the fresh crop of gourmet waffle trucks hitting the streets in San Francisco and New York are any indication, waffles could very well be the next "it" dessert trend to sweep the nation. And it's about time. From Belgian to krumkake to pizzelles, what's not to love about the many warm and wonderful styles of waffles? Serve these comforting sweet treats with ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit, or mascarpone and they're utterly irresistible.

In fact, the only improvement to this decadent waffle menu would be the ability to prepare these delights quickly and easily in the comfort of one's home. That's where you and your, hopefully, extensive array of waffle makers come in. Your goal: Become the "it" retailer for this sizzling small electric.

The first step in becoming a destination store for waffle makers is to carry a brand that offers a complete line, including waffle makers for Belgian waffles, heart-shaped waffles, krumkake, petite cones and pizzelles. The second step is, of course, educating customers about the features and benefits of today's advanced technology waffle makers, such as models that allow users to customize their waffle texture, color and flavor to toasty golden perfection.

The ability to personalize the waffle making experience is one of the great advantages of these high-quality machines. Consider publicizing this strong selling point in your next newsletter. Write about waffle makers and how they allow you to prepare delicious waffles to your particular taste. For example, if it's a crisper waffle with a soft, moist interior you desire, use the fast bake option. But if it's a more uniform all-over toasty texture you crave, then a deep bake is your best bet.

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Your newsletter feature on waffle makers can also tell the story of advanced technology waffle makers with electronic controls that automatically detect the presence of batter. These controls start the baking timer and tell you when the waffle is done by beeping or illuminating a ready light. Some waffle makers feature baking plates that create uniform waffle thickness by evenly distributing the batter without the need to flip. Also point to waffle makers with spacious and easily accessed overflow channels that make for an easy-to-clean machine. What's more, these high-tech waffle makers are fast and efficient. Some bake delicious waffles in just 90 seconds or less, and instantly recover their temperature for continuous baking.

Earlier this year, The Food Channel® presented its Top Ten Dessert Trends for 2010. The list, based on research conducted jointly with CultureWaves® and the International Food Futurists®, put waffles in the No. 4 spot. Under a category called "Transformers," waffles were cited as an example of taking everyday foods, combining them with familiar flavors, like ice cream or fruit, and then transforming them into provocative new desserts.

Take a peak at The Food Channel's trend list online and you'll also find a link to a recipe designed to illustrate the Transformer appeal. Accompanying the recipe is an enticing photo that captures luscious layers of Belgian waffles sandwiching strawberry and vanilla ice cream, all of which are dripping in hot fudge sauce. Let's put it this way, if you didn't own a waffle maker, and you saw this photo, the impulse to buy would be epic.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Invite your sales staff and customers to take pictures of their favorite waffle creations and email them to you. Make enlarged prints of the best examples, and place the mouthwatering images around your waffle maker display for a subtle, yet compelling sales strategy.

Pizzelles are an enduring and endearing holiday tradition. Indeed, some consider the pizzelle the world's oldest cookie. These pretty and delicious waffles are also super easy to make with an advanced pizzelle maker. In under a minute, you can make two five-inch pizzelles ready to eat on their own or for serving rolled and stuffed with a tasty filling. Other models, allow you to bake three thin, delicate pizzelles in less than 60 seconds.

Christmas is an ideal time to promote your pizzelle makers, but don't forget other holidays like Mother's Day and Easter. Consider creating holiday dessert cart displays for all three holidays and feature them at appropriate times of the year. Park your dessert cart in a high-visibility area of the store and fill it with various seasonally inspired sweets made with pizzelles. Merchandise your pizzelle makers next to the dessert cart. Make a dessert menu sign that names each treat and its ingredients. Chocolate mousse-filled pizzelles that have been formed into a basket shape, cannoli-style pizzelles stuffed with mascarpone or whipped cream and fruit-filled pizzelles are all tempting options. If you carry petite cone waffle makers, these little waffles are also perfect to feature rolled and filled for savory and sweet holiday delights.