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The terrace is an open space for you to fully enjoy the beauty of the sky and also a place where you sometimes need a terrace, to protect the interior and ornamental plants as well as to ensure the decoration. Wishing to turn your terrace into a wonderful and flexible space, invite you to read the following creative rooftop mobile terrace designs below.

Terrace cum function room
A terrace that uses cum for other functions such as rest and relaxation will be even more wonderful, because the airy and comfortable space for homeowners to have fun, exchange with friends and relatives. The terrace terrace with tempered glass panels and metal frame will definitely give you a beautiful sky view, while the transparent windows will surround the whole. At the same time, those who love the rain can still watch the rain outside with these glasses.
Awning half space
Most of you think awnings will cover your entire rooftop space or have a rigid metal design. But today, designers with a desire to ensure flexibility and take advantage of space, will design half-area awnings with wooden poles and automatic tarpaulins. With this design, you can take advantage of other spaces to grow vegetables, hang clothes, ... and when under the eaves, you can draw canvas to admire the sky at any time.

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