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Біографічна довідка 5 Best Final Fantasy Games On Android

Known as a successful RPG (role-playing game) series, Final Fantasy has become a legendary monument in the gaming industry. Find out 5 best games in this series now!
In the history of the gaming industry, there has been no game series that can usurp the throne of Final Fantasy. In the past 30 years, it still is the most favorite RPG (role-play game) series chosen by gamers. Each
part in Final Fantasy has a unique plot; therefore, players can rarely find a sequel depending on the previous versions. 
Today, we will help you find out 5 best Final Fantasy games on Android! Check it out now!
Final Fantasy
Square Enix has imported a lot of games from the main series onto mobile platform including  Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and IX. Moreover, there are also 2 additional games: Final Fantasy IV: The After
Years and Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lion. Although they are adapted from Final Fantasy PC/PS version, these games have new features and graphics. It’s clear to see that the prices of these games are a
little pricey, but you’ll get the best experience without ads and in-app purchases. 
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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia
When Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was released on PS4, Square Enix also launched Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia for mobile gamers. This game will continue the unfinished adventure in the Dissidia Final
Fantasy series. The plot is expanded from the original version, and the fighting mechanism is also changed to adapt on the mobile platform. 
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
This game is the combination between Square Enix and Alim - the creator of Brave Frontier. Therefore, players can quickly realize the similarities between these two famous games. The quality of the 2D graphics
inside Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is extremely high, especially when the characters are designed by Yoshitaka Amano. 
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Final Fantasy Dimensions 1 and 2
Final Fantasy Dimensions has two versions bringing players to the familiar turn-based fighting system. In a battle, you can choose 3 characters and an assistant to create a team. This game is loyal to the chibi style
with both new and original characters from the main Final Fantasy series.
Final Fantasy: Record Keeper   
Last but not least is Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. This game was built based on 2D graphics with the authentic ancient 8-bit style. Although the effects of characters aren’t outstanding, this fantastic game still has
its highlights. The soundtracks are indeed the most significant advantage of this game. Players can quickly realize the familiar feeling from the SFX sound in the control board to the BMG sound inside the battles.
Not to mention the legendary OST like Prelude, Suteki Da Ne or To Zanarkand…  


All in all, above are the best Final Fantasy games that every RPG gamers should try once! Download them, and dive into the adventurous world of myths. 

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