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Author Guidelines

Requirements to the volume of scientific articles

– Topical-analytical articles by heading of professional publication — 5–7 pages;
– Scientific report — up to 2,5 pages;
– Information or Reviews — 2 pages.
Article volume is to be agreed with the editor, but should not exceed 8–10 pages.
Materials submitted by the author of scientific publications in editorial publications should include:
1. the main text of the manuscript (article);
2. documents accompanying the manuscript.
The materials must be submitted by the author as printed out and in electronic form.
Structure of the article in accordance with the requirements of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles includes the following sections: Problem Statement; Analysis of publications; The purpose of the article; The presentation material; Conclusion.

Manuscript is accompanied by the following documents:

1. Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the department, laboratory, division, etc. (minutes №_ dd.____) — 1 pc. signed by the head of the department, laboratory, division etc.
2. Reviewsigned by a member of the editorial board.
3. Copyright reference — information about authors (surname, first name and patronymic, academic degree, title, organization, postal address, contact telephone, Email address, identifier ORCID) — 1 pc.

Requirement to manuscripts

Article Language: Ukrainian, English, Russian. In the article, it’s necessary to adhere to the terminology adopted by state standards, using a term or abbreviation, the author must decipher and explain them. When selecting physical units, it’s necessary to adhere to the SI units. Formulas, figures, tables, sections should have simple arabic consecutive numbers. The following information is given before the main text.
1. UDC identifier.
2. Title of the article. Is given in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English).
3. Information on the (co) authors — (surname, first name and patronymic, academic degree, title, organization, postal address, contact telephone, email address, identifier ORCID). It should be given in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English).
4. Advanced summary — Ukrainian, Russian and English (about 2/3 page).
5. Keywords in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English), 5–10 individual words or phrases in which commas, separated by semicolons can be.

Page layout

A4 size (portrait orientation), with margins: top and bottom — 2.5 cm, left and right — 2 cm.
Formatting of the main text in two columns with a gap of 0.7 cm.
Font of the manuscript is Times New Roman 12 pt with an line spacing of 1 pt.
The first deeviation from the terms of paragraphs — 0.7 cm over the entire article.
Headlines of elements of the main text are shown in bold (Problem, Conclusions).
Typed text should not contain letters and symbols from other headsets and point sizes. It’s necessary to distinguish the «hyphen» (-) and «dash» (—). The initials should have gap after point, for example: Bolshakov V. I.
The number of sign must be separated from the next digits, not doubled: № 1, 2 and 3.
Publication of each article in the «Bulletin of PSACEA» is carried out on a new page. Following the requirements of the structure of scientific papers, the author should try to place the material in such a way that the last page of its publication was as full as possible (more than 2/3 of the page).
Figures (diagrams, photos) are to be given in the form of color or black and white images along in formats * .TIFF, * .jpg. with expansion resolution of 300 dpi.
– Must be numbered in sequence corresponding to the mention in the text;
– Centered, without text wrap;
– Have a standard width of 8.15 cm or 17 cm for maps, charts and other complex three-dimensional images.
Sequence number and name of picture should be given under figure after a line.
Explanatory sign can not be included in the figure itself.
Name of figure should be given at intervals before and after — 6 pt, font Times New Roman, italic, font size — 10 pt, centered.
It’s allowed to decompose a picture into its component parts: a —; b —; c —;. They must be decrypted.
Between the name and picture decoding ahould be two points. Font size for picture decipher — 9 pt. Illustrations are desirable to be prepare with a minimum use of shades of gray This concerns mainly the graphs prepared in MS Excel.
– Must be created in Microsoft Word;
– Should have the serial number (without sign №), which is referenced in the text;
– Should have the thematic heading (title) in bold Times New Roman (size 10 pt), no more than 3 lines, without a final point, centered name.
The word «table» should be written in italics with sparse character spacing of 2 pt, and right-justified (Table 1).
In case of placing one table on several pages above the its continuation/termination, it’s needed to specify the Continuation/ End of table 1 (respectively).
Number of columns should be repeated on each page that contains the table.
Only in a few cases, the orientation of the pages where table is placed can be a landscape (vertical placement of the table).
The tables the same on the character of information (data) should be made strictly as per single sample (font, line graphs, their titles, split between the terms, etc.)
Table is to be placed closer to the first reference to it in the text. The size of the table: one column is to be not more than 8.15 cm or 17 cm of the table width. Recommended size of the characters in Table is 8–9 pt (for tables with rich information — 6 pt).
Formulas are typed in the standard formula editor built into Word for Windows (Microsoft Equation 3.0). dditional firmware is not used.
Formulas are placed by separate terms, only simple, small formulas may be placed in the text. It is not allowed to force expand or narrow formulaic window. Arabic numerals in parentheses indicate the sequence number of the formula in the article, it is placed in a right, in line with formula. If the formula is multiline, its number in located in single line with the last line of the formula. Interval before and after the formula — 6 pt.
Rules of formulas typing:
– Figures are set up by Roman font;
– The characters of the Latin alphabet are set up by italic;
– Reduction of mathematical terms (sin, arcsin, lg, const, and others.) are typed in Roman font;
– Reduction of physical units and their derivatives is typed in Roman font without points g, kW, Bq/kg;
– Reduction in the index is typed in Roman font, if the index is symbol of the value 
– it is typed in italics;
– Do not place the unit next to the formula.
Before the first variable to be written the word «where». Between variables and interpretation put dashes.


References are given after the main text, on the current page, after «section break».
References should be presented as follows. First, listed in alphabetical order, all references in Cyrillic (A ... Я), then references to the original foreign sources (A ... Z).
It is numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.
List of references need to be completed observing the standards of reference and information, librarianship and publishing standards, in particular State standard 7.1: 2006 Standard of information librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules (State standard 7.1-2003, IDT).
Number of sources in the list — no more than 10. Not more than 20 % of self-citation and references to the co-authors.
References provides Latin transliteration of the list of references with translation into English.
Requirements of scientometric databases provide that for each of the sources used, you must specify the complete list of co-authors (limited to 10 names).
After references, it’s necessary to you specify the date of receipt of article to the editor in Arabic numerals.
Manuscripts are not returned to authors.
The article can be amended without the consent of the author.
Scientific articles are literary and technical edited and grammatical and stylistic checked.
Fees will not be paid to authors.
Editorial board of scientific collection makes a final conclusion about publication of the article.


Copyright Notice

The authors that are published in this journal agree to the following conditions:

The authors reserve the right to authorship of his work and pass the journal right of first publication of this work under license Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows others to freely distribute the published work with the obligatory reference to the author of the original work and the work of the first publication in this journal.

Authors have the right to enter into separate additional agreements on the non-exclusive distribution of work in the form it was published by this journal (for example, to place the work in an electronic repository), while maintaining a reference to the first publication of the work in this journal.

Journal policy encourages the publication by the authors in the Internet (for example, in storage facilities or websites), since it contributes to a productive scientific discussion and a positive effect on the dynamics of citing the published work.

Сontract on the copyright transfer


Privacy Statement

Manuscripts submitted for review are regarded as a confidential document, regardless of the review form.

The reviewer has the right to discuss the manuscript with others only with the permission of the chief editor.

The reviewer has no right to use the ideas and information contained in the manuscript before publication.