Reasons analysis of the «topolina» catastrophe and activities, excluding designing similar phenomena of buildings on collapsible soils (to the 20th anniversary of disaster) (part 1)

V. I. Bolshakov, A. N. Motornyi


It is presented historical information about the formation of the Dnepropetrovsk city council a new neighborhood  –  Topol. The analysis of survey materials for the construction of new residential community Topol-1, Topol-2, Topol-3 was made. Geotechnical and hydrogeological conditions of the area for construction of housing estate Topol-1 were analyzed. The justification of the offered variants of the residential houses foundations under construction, social and cultural objects, submitted by project organization SPI “Ukrspetsstroyproekt” are given. We analyzed the design decisions UMZ residential complex foundations along the Zaporozhskoe shosse street. It was disclosed forced replacement of the proposed variant of pile foundation under the projected SPI “Giprograd”, housing estate on another version of foundations on the artificial basis after the transfer of the construction site from the second type to the first type of ground conditions by subsidence.

It is given a brief justification of the flooding onset of the already exploited residential construction during the preliminary soaking of the territory for the residential complex UMZ. It is also revealed the reason for the occurrence of supranational deformations of the basements, foundations and structures of the lightest buildings of pre-school children's institutions, which are in operation before the preliminary soaking of the UMZ residential complex territory. The suffosion processes occurrence on the territory of the Topol-1 residential area, connected with the unloading occurrence of groundwater and increasing of the pressure gradient, decompaction and weakening of the soils of the second slope of the Vstrechnaya beam is substantiated. The cause of the hydraulic breakthrough of the destroyed second slope of the Vstrechnaya beam and the consequences that follow from this was disclosed. It is shown errors in purpose of SE “DneproNIISP” taking into production version of pre-soaking the upper area preparing for the construction of residential complex UMZ. The material and moral damage of the occurred catastrophe of a housing estate Topol-1 and the existing material and moral losses on the Dnieper railway are presented.

It is presented the general conclusions of the expert committee and a separate opinion of the expert committee member, the author of this article N. A. Motornyi.


pre-soaking; water saturated soil; flooding areas; the pressure gradient; the groundwater discharge; filtration coefficient; suffusion processes; the root system; weakened slope; hydraulic breakthrough


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