Influence of information on development of architectural creativity

V. P. Mironenko, M. S. Uspenskyi


Raising of problem. A characteristic aspect of the modern world – information development and information growth remains important in recent years and has a tendency to steady development. The growth in the volume of information requires a change in the architectural problems, the acceleration of the introduction of technical means, and the expansion of the research front. Purpose. Analyze the main trends in architecture associated with the development of information technology, compare with the technology of the previous generation. The article analyzes different levels of understanding information, its properties, demonstrated the fundamental role of information in the development of analytical capabilities of the designer. The problem of the correspondence of the provision of architectural activity to the level of development of information technologies is considered. The relationship between virtual and augmented reality is demonstrated. Attention is focused on the demand for visualization and modeling of spatial systems of the city environment for architectural design. Attention is drawn to the development of artificial intelligence, in the field of automation of local stages of the design process, releasing the designer from routine design operations. Conclusion. The need for methodological support and further study of newly appeared computer design tools is disclosed. It is revealed that the information can fulfill the role of an evaluation criterion for the conformity of project facilities to the solution of modern design tasks.


visualization; information; cyberspace; modeling; software; complexity


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