The estimation of the atmospheric air pollution’s level by stationary and linear sources of the emissions

О. А. Тymoshenko, А. V. Minovskaya


Statement of the problem. Status of air pollution in the Dnieper river ecologists define as critical. In 2017 in the sights of the city were 828 thousand tons of harmful substances. Main pollutant of the air basin of the city is road transport, whose emissions account for 80...90 % of the total amount of pollutants entering the atmosphere. The purpose of the article is the analysis of the data of monitoring observations on the degree of pollution near trunk road site linear sources of pollution and determine the level of pollution of atmospheric air of residential area in the city of Dnepr to the emission of pollutants from stationary sources. Presentation of the basic material. During the research the technique used for determining the estimated concentration of carbon monoxide, prisutstvuet in motor vehicle emissions. Determination of the concentration of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere from a single hot spring made in accordance with OND-86. The results of the study. Assessment of pollution in highly atmospheric air in the residential area emission of linear and stationary sources that will allow us to develop actions aimed at improvement of ecological situation and increase of level of ecological safety of urbanized territories. A map of air pollution in the studied residential area emission of carbon monoxide from linear sources, main streets, and stationary − industrial enterprises and boiler houses.


fumes; near trunk road territory (NRT); line source emissions; ambient air; stationary source emission; residential area


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