Increase of exactness primary transformers of inclinometer for systems control of orientation of objects

L. I. Zhivtsova


Raising of problem. During the drilling process requires the constant monitoring of the position of the borehole axis in space. Only in this case it is possible to construct a geological section and determine the location for the domes and traps where the oil is concentrated. For the analysis of possible oil of mining hole it is necessary to know the angles of incidence of layer and direction of angles of slope of the relatively immobile system of coordinates. Such measuring produce by means of the systems of the oriented selection of stippler with a built-in autonomous inclinometer. However, the drilling process may disable autonomous inclinometer in connection with the output of the battery system. Information on the surface is not transmitted but stored in the memory device and read out there from after lifting the drill string. Thus there is a permutation of the inclinometer in the drill pipe, the main blade for marking and battery. In this connection there inclinometer angular deviation relative to the housing of the drill pipe, which may lead to considerable errors in the determination of the orientation of the core. Purpose. Improve the accuracy of the primary converters inclinometer for object orientation control systems by providing a method of accounting distortions of transducers inclinometer in the process of changes in the drill pipe. When replacing the inclinometer comprising in their structure the accelerometer and magnetometer primary converters, a drill pipe having their angular deviation relative to the tube body, leading to errors in the measurements. Conclusion. The method of increase of exactness of primary transformers of inclinometer is first offered. A correcting matrix allowing to take into account the angular rejections of primary transformers of inclinometer at hisreplacement in a boring pipe is got. The proposed method makes it possible to improve the accuracy of transducers inclinometer and almost an order of magnitude lower angle measurement error of the spatial orientation of the borehole and core orientation.


error, inclinometer; accuracy of measurement; accelerometer converter; magnetometer converter; spatial orientation


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