Appraisal of external surfaces of buildings and constructions for rent

Yur. O. Kirichek, E. A. Lando


Analysis of the existing methods of appraisal of surface roofs is made. Key valuation problems of space on the rooftop under the placement of antenna-feeder devices identified. Methods for calculating value of the surface area of the roof, outer square surface of the building and the outside surface area of a chimney proposed. The methods allow more correct to consider forming value of such factors as the market value of land, the size of the leased area on the roof and on external walls, the actual location of the parcel of lease in space.


appraisal; antenna-feeder equipment; the outer surface of the walls; plot of land;chimney


Міжнародні стандарти оцінки 2011 / Пер. з англ. УТО. – К. : Аванпост-Прим, 2012. – 144 с.

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