Scientific and methodological basics for solve the problem of reliability of heat supply systems with tube gas heaters

V. V. Tkachova


Problem Statement. Reliability is a complex property that can comprise several single properties depending on the object purpose, conditions of its operation, considered space or time level of control hierarchy. The single of reliability properties of decentralized heat supply systems have not investigated practically. Necessity for including these properties in the notion «reliability» is caused by specific features of heat supply systems with tube gas heaters. This direction of research is relevant both scientific and practical values.

Analyzing of the resent research. The researching of reliability of heat supply systems with the use of methods of reliability theory began to develop in the late 1960 − early 1970 s. General principles of calculation and backup heating systems were formulated in 1972 by V. Ya. Hasylev and M. K. Takayshvili. Later this approach began to develop in researching of the Siberian Energy Institute (now the Institute of Energy named after L. A. Melentyev). Many scientists such as М. Rozkin, A. Іоnin, А. Merenkov, E. Sennova, V. Sidler and others were working on reliability´s problems. General theoretical methods to ensure the reliability of technical systems, special techniques that can be effectively used in systems of power were worked out by Yu. N. Rudenko.

Research objective. Reliability can be determined as an gas tube heaters property to perform the prescribed functions in the prescribed volume at certain conditions of operation. Ensuring reliability of heat supply systems with gas tube heaters is one of the most important requirements to them as at the design stage and during operation. The article provides an answer the question: «Can we all scientific — methodical achievements of the reliability of large systems of energy transfer to the research of decentralized heating systems, heating systems with tube heaters?».

Conclusions. It is considered the heat supply systems with gas tube heaters. During operation any energy object can be found in different states, determined by the states of its components. The states characterizing reliability are operating, inoperable and limit states. The classification of states for reliability definition is given.

A part of tube of the heater is heated (the temperature of the outer surface of the tube can reach 450–650°C). In the desing of the heaters you should consider changing the length of the pipe due to thermal expansion of the material with temperature and the proper selection and placement of fixture. Design and installation of heaters must be performed by the way when the pipe could move freely within the value calculated elongation. Failure — free operation in dice of reliability that can be used to study of heat supply systems with tube gas heaters reliability was proposed. Method and mathematical model of in dice calculation are presented. 


gas tube heaters; reliability; failure - free operation; method for estimation; indice of reliability


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