The use of information–theoretic approach to identify the structure of the metal

V. I. Bolshakov, V. Volchuk, Yu. Dubrov


In a number of papers devoted to the definition of the numerical values of the quality criteria of the metal, the researchers separated the image of its structure, several different, on what grounds or parts.

Those parts of the structure of metals, which can not be accepted identification dictated by regulatory documents (eg GOST GOST 5639 or 3443), researchers are studying them on another, larger scale. For example, grain pearlite mild steel can be examined using an optical microscope at a magnification image of its structure by 200 times, and the structure of its pearlite colonies studied under an electron microscope with image magnification structures 20 000 times. In the first case, the researchers studied the structure is referred to the microstructures in the second, to the substructure. The highest level of information has a microstructure that by optical microscopy corresponds with its visual perception. Of the definition of the metal to a particular class, use the scoring (in lukolichestvennuyu) assessment of its structure, which, by virtue of its visual determination, does not always correlate with the characteristics of the quality of the metal. In this regard, ranking point used in the identification of only a few, certain types of structures. Determination of the numerical values of quality criteria of metal, in particular steel, is produced mainly only by analyzing its microstructure.

For example, consider a metal — steel St3ps. Table. given ranking point, mechanical properties and microstructure of the information entropy of steel at its various modifications. From this Table. it follows that the measure of the uncertainty of the microstructure of steel natural to measure the amount of information obtained due to the reduction of uncertainty. In this regard, each described in Table. structure established its information entropy. Naturally, the researcher will give preference to the metal, in which the entropy (uncertainty) is minimal. Table. shows photographs of steel structures inherent minimum information entropy of the considered 27 pictures of structures.

Thus, it is shown that the identification of the characteristics of quality me–metal, can be made only on the basis of traditional methods of analysis, but also through the application of information–theoretic approach.


mathematical model; modeling; complex system


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