Revitalization — ecological reconstruction of urban

V. Savyovsky, A. Bronevitskiy, A. Karzhinerova


In the modern, global and domestic practice is widespread process of reconstruction of industrial buildings and structures in objects civilian purposes. In the scientific and technical literature, this process is called — revitalization of industrial buildings. Revitalization (from Lat. Re — restoration, vita — life) — the revival, restoration and revitalization of urban space [1]. With the revitalization of the complex of works, which provides for the preservation of architectural buildings account of the creation of domestic content and interiors engineering and technological equipment, according to modern standards and requirements. In the case of reconstruction of architectural or historic sites are usually retain their foreign authenticity and expressiveness. The main task of revitalizing the reconstruction of industrial buildings and areas around them for socialization space, improve infrastructure, promote tourism, recreation, sports, environmental improvement.

Revitalization of industrial buildings former gas tanks under civilian objects — has become a unique example of ecological reconstruction Megacities. "Old" buildings were not only an updated look, but also received a new attractive destination.

The experience of construction work in the revitalization of industrial buildings, evidence of their multifaceted characteristics. Above, a significant amount of construction work was completed within three years. Considering the uschilnenist area and inside stysnennist works, the term indicates a high efficiency adopted organizational and technological solutions. Analysis of the experience points to the direction of rational options for construction works and contributes to the development of effective solutions revitalization of industrial buildings.


reconstruction; revitalization of industrial building


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