Thorny way of Ukrainian

E. Barannyk, A. Beloshkurskaya, A. Shvets


Ukrainian, as well as all culture of Ukraine, from beginning of the existence often experienced heavy moments, carried serious losses, got sickly shots. It was forbidden people to talk Ukrainian, national traditions are beggar, a book–printing was destroyed Ukrainian, education are aspire to Russian. Plenty of modern scientists devoted the works to digressions in history of development of Ukrainian, linhvocyd on Ukrainian soil: Ya. Radevych–Vynnyts'kyy «Ukraine: from a language to nation»; L. Masenko, V. Kuybachuk, O. Dems'ka–Kul'chyts'ka «Ukrainian in ХХ century: history of linhvocyd», M. H. Zubkov «Ukrainian»; N. Virchenko «Documents about prohibition of Ukrainian (XVII–XX of century)».

By an aim our secret services are lineation of thorny way of development of Ukrainian, in fact during great while of forming and becoming of Ukrainian, functioning of her in all spheres of life, existence in general as languages of separate original nation were accompanied by the negative phenomena.

In the article short digression is given in history of development of Ukrainian from times of Petro first and Ekaterina second to times independent Ukraine.


Ukrainian; Ukrainian culture; public policy


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