Scoping compromise quality criteria iron rolls

V. I. Bolshakov, V. Volchuk, Yu. Dubrov


To date the problem of acute operative quality evaluation of mechanical properties of metal castings, in particular of rolls. Analysis of standard methods for determining the mechanical properties, including methods of NDT, quantitative metallography analysis of mathematical models based mainly on statistical data showed that these methods are relatively expensive and often produce results that diverge from the requirements of the guests. This is due to the fact that to realize the most obvious, a deterministic approach used to evaluate the mechanical properties of the rolls, based on the analysis of causal connections and relationships, it is not possible, because the technology of production of rolls is a multiparameter and multicriterion. Consequently, the quality of the metal exerts a substantial influence a large number of technological parameters (chemical composition, alloying elements, cooling conditions, spreads thickness, shape, casting process, and other parameters) affecting the formation of the structure, highly interconnected. Even a slight change of some of them significantly alter the properties of the metal in a relatively wide range. The task of identifying the desired product quality is further complicated by the fact that the physical nature certain quality criteria tend to contradict each other, i.e., improving one criterion, we often worsens the other — for example, strength, ductility, toughness, brittleness, and others. Most of the criteria that characterize the performance and efficiency of technology identified acceptable, relatively small intervals, providing a relatively small effect on the magnitude of these criteria. This is probably based on the fact that the developers of the process in an effort to sustain it, as far as possible in one's chosen field of technological parameters, numerical values of the restricted criteria that characterize its performance and efficiency. The area where these criteria are minimum contradict each other, we call the area of compromise quality criteria. «Just between opposites may be a compromise».

Given the foregoing, the development and research of a method for determining the area of compromise quality criteria multicriteria technologies is an actual scientific and practical problems of modern materials. This approach will allow the adjustment of the mechanical properties of metal products during their production.

Experience has shown that in practice, this approach is particularly useful when foresight chemical composition of the product and its mechanical properties in a production environment.


area compromise the mechanical properties of cast iron rolls; chemical composition; structure


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