Sviato–Troitskiy Cathedral in Nowomoskovsk Or «Troitskiy Cossacks' Cathedral» — Ukrainian wooden architecture

G. P. Evseeva, Yu. Podkolzina, M. Martyniuk


Problem statement. The importance of the problem is that every care what the condition is Trinity Cathedral. We were struck ill–treatment of such cultural attractions, which are not provided proper attention, and she came to our times almost destroyed. This article we want to dedicate the famous wooden Trinity Cathedral XVIII century in Novomoskovsk Dnipropetrovsk region, which topped nine onion–domed and made without nails. Hearing that name, remember every novel Oles Gonchar «Cathedral», which depicts this masterpiece of national architecture generated as most Ukrainian land living being. «Everything is taken away, remained only this perfect architectural work, this little plastic symphony ... Oh, it will be difficult to resist the cathedral! .. And descendants shall come, ask formerly very well that you were? With built? What destroyed? What trepetav your spirit? «– So Oles Gonchar in his book describes the cathedral. [2, c. 26]

The analysis of recent research. Architecture of Trinity Cathedral wrote many historians, writers, but most of all we liked historian GP Nadhin, he described Novomoskovskiy Cathedral as elegant carpentry, so in this example we try to show the charm of the house.

Research objective — about the construction of Trinity Cathedral, analyze and compare construction and those in our time, to convey to the reader that should be protected so old and stately buildings.

Conclusions. Call his salvation have heard today Cossacks fans of our past, national traditions, believers of various faiths, all Ukrainian. Hopefully, to the noble cause of Ukrainian rescue sanctuary will join representatives of all branches of our democratic government and the national conscious.

Now waiting for its cathedral Dmitry Yavornytsky on his Oles Gonchar and hero of his novel Nicholas Baglai student, he looks with hope in the soul of each of us. He needs no money, no hands of artisans, and our understanding of exceptional historic cathedral mission for our nation and humanity, which had its hide and builders patriots and defenders. Save Trinity Cathedral today — for us to take the exam in high spirituality. So again let the pious words of Oles Gonchar: «Councils keep their souls, friends! Cathedrals shower.


historical source; a wooden cathedral; oak material was substituted; Cossacks; construction techniques; model building; Ukrainian wooden architecture


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