Ukrainian «Mazanka» Through Centuries: The Daubed House and The House of Adobe

V. S. Yegorova, O. Panchenko


Problem statement. Daubed house during centuries was traditional dwelling in central and eastern parts of Ukraine. Such type of buildings became popular today for use as village cottages, tourist houses, restaurants and even decorative construcions. They give comfort and unique atmosphere that is differ from any contemporary dwelling. Modern daubed house, that is constructed with apllication of new technologies, has modern design, which connect the spirit of the past and utilityof the present time.

The analysis of recent research. The research of the ukrainian houses' building, especialy of the features of houses’ regional types, carried out outstanding scientists and etnographers. On of them is A. Danylyuk, who made important contribution to development of ethnography [1]. In our time it appears more and more yong scientists of architectural heritage which offer application of innovations. In particular, new works on thechnology of house building.

Research objective. To analyse main tradions of house building in steppe region, to discover the features of technologies of houses’ building up and to point out the types of buildings which are popular in modern building industry.

Conclusions. Most popular types of buildings in steppe region were Daubed house and adobe house during centuries. In time the details of building technologies have changed, but the materials stayed invariable. Because of natural oigin the material used in construction of such houses have the unique operational, economic and ecological attributes. Such building are true discovery for destroyed eastern regions in conditions of economical crisis and bad ecological situation.



the daubed house; the house of adobe; adobe; frame; dwelling of steppe region; decoraive building


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