The History of building up of Katerynoslav Province at the end of XIX century

V. S. Yegorova, O. Kholyavchenko


Problem statement. It`s not enough to consider only a few hauses and a number of architectural features for a good introduction of construction in Ekaterinoslav province late XIX century. It should always de considered in a comrehensive and the historical background. Therefore, our task is to provide a description of the architectural history of the province, considering of various national population of Katerynoslav, find some change in styles and designs of buildings. We can provide it some amazing features only by examining historical construction of buildings in the background.

The purpose of writing was the desire to learn and discover the unique features of our constructions inprovince, for its rich historical heritage, which is our link with the past, with our national roots.

Analysis publications. Ukrainian settlement and Ukrainian house are shared in different types . It depends on the location in Ukraine. Since ancient times, were books that describe the settlement house, Ukrainian yards in different regions. Most of the information found on the western, southern and central regions of Ukraine. But the data on the eastern and southern regions is small, although some still have. On the foundation of the city Katerynoslav can be read in the D. I. Yavornytsky [4], especially the architecture of our province studied S. B. Revskyy [3], trace the history of the founding and development of Dnipropetrovsk from ancient times to the present day can be a historical essay M. E. cucumis [2]. But the most detailed and consistent story building Ekaterinoslav province described in the ethnographic record known Kharkov ethnographer VasylBabenko [1], which at the invitation of D. I. Yavornytsky collected ethnographic material Katerynoslavs'ka province. The material collected was the basis of ethnographic exhibition at the Archaeological Congress XIII.

Conclusion.Thus, studying the features hatobuduvannyaKaterynoslav end of XIX century. We found out that there were three types of buildings: Zaporozhye, which almost did not survive, German and Greek, which sometimes occur now. Today, traditional Ukrainian house, samples of architecture, it is difficult to see in our villages — clear progress. However, in keeping with the times, yet not forgetting the original Ukrainian customs on housing construction. City LOTS, now Dnipropetrovsk, sometimes fortunately retained their basic traditions hatobuduvannya despite modernization and the influence of other nationalities.


Katerinoslav`s province; Ukrainian house; building location; interior and exterior of buildings; zaporizhian; germane and greek types of buildings; wattle and daub; clay buildings


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