Artistic And Decorative Design Of The Ukrainian Houses’s Interior In Dnipropetrovsk Region

A. V. Kolesnik, A. Kyrychenko, M. Ivanchenko


Problem statement. Historical development of Dnipropetrovsk region took place over a period of several centuries. Here the certain type of culture was formed that reflected on family life and on samples of material culture. World view of the inhabitants of our region uncovers in decorative art that was used in family life and was remarkable in different regions of Ukraine. The research of house's building traditions and design of the interior in Dnipropetrovsk region homes as a part of culture is topical question for definition of the place of this traditions in Ukrainian history.

The analysis of recent research. Culture and family life of inhabitants of Dnipropetrovsk region was the subject of inquiry of scientists. As an part and parcel of the ethnography of the Ukrainian population it was concerned by V. I. Naulko, A. P. Ponomar'ov. On the features of house's building pointed out ethnographer A. G. Danyl'uk. Decorative art in Prydniprovsk region as a part of Ukrainian art was discovered by B. A. Antonovych, R. V. Zaharchyuk–Chyughai, M. B. Stankevych.

Research objective. To research artistic and decorative design of the interior in Ukrainian houses in Dnipropetrovsk region and its connection with spiritual life of society.

Conclusions. The development of artistic and decorative design of the interior in Ukrainian houses in Dnipropetrovsk region took place side by side with art of other regions that is fixed in a lot of common features. But it is worth to mark some features peculiar only to Dnipropetrovsk region that indicates world view of its inhabitants: horizontal lines in design as wall–paintings, multicolored flower ornaments in artistic and decorative design of the interior.



Ukrainian house; interior; traditional furniture; wall–paintings; paper ornamentation; Dnipropetrovsk region


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