Towel As The Element of Decorative and Artistic Home Decoration in Katerynoslav Province

G. I. Lysenko, D. Makohonova


Problem statement. For Ukrainian the towel stands the talisman with which a man lives from the birth to the last way. By the rectangular shape the towel symbolizes the way, including the way of human life. The towel defended Ukrainian not only in the way, but in their own home, protecting family comfort, household and their homes from evil forces. According to the authors of the article, during the present fateful period it is important and useful to recall the old Ukrainian charms that protected the habitation of our ancestors and gave them the strength to fight enemies.

The analysis of recent research. Thanks to a rich ethnographic collection (including embroidery), collected by D. Yavornytsky’s efforts in a local historical museum, it was done a lot of research of Katerynoslav (and more) embroidery, especially on towels [1–4]. Of course, much attention is devoted to the collection of Yekaterinoslav towels by the museum staff [5].

The purpose of the article is to investigate regional differences of Katerynoslav embroidery on towels provided from the collection of the Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum.

The conclusions. Historical changes in people's lives could not affect the main way of home decoration — embroidery on towels in particular. It suffered a complex evolutionary change. Embroidery in Katerynoslav province was a complex combination of many factors related to ethnic traditions of peoples living on these lands.



protective object; embroidery; Yekaterinoslav towel; ethnographic collection; Dnipropetrovsk historical museum; ornamental pattern


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