Exemplar Renaissance in Dnepropetrovsk (House Anderehha)

N. Hr. Omelyan-Skyrta, D. Proviz, R. Chydnivets


Statement of the problem. Getting acquainted with the architecture of the city, architecture students watching neglect of historical buildings. The reason — lack of attention to preserve the historical architectural heritage of Dnepropetrovsk, and as a consequence — loss of buildings. This leads to disruption of the integrity of the composition of the city.

The aim of the paper is explore the historical significance of the building and its architectural features in the context of the architectural heritage of Dnepropetrovsk.

Conclusions. Unfortunately, the unique building has long been without serious attention and repair. Year after year the building became even more neglected, crumbling plaster of the walls, fragments of stucco fell off in a pickle balconies and sculptures estate. The saddest thing is that in recent years, even in load–bearing walls of the building cracks.

Today life STI clinic resettled. It seems that the city authorities finally realized that the building is urgently needed repair. House surrounded by ribbons, reminiscent of the reconstruction. But while repairs are not even rozpochynalysya, and who knows when they will be found funds. While there is only hope that contemporary nineteenth century still be restored and will certainly become an architectural adornment of our city.

Architecture and urban planning are an integral part of the holistic development of Ukrainian culture at all stages of social and spiritual development. No wonder they say that people who do not know and do not respect their history has no future. Given the current situation, it is necessary to stop further deterioration of the building in order to preserve the unique historic and architectural urban environment. This is possible by introducing effective emergency measures provided state support.


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