Features of high-rise buildings and factors influencing the choice constructive, organizational and technological decisions

I. I. Zaiats, S. V. Yepifantseva


Problem stastement. Strong growth in urban population has led to a shortage of land. Thus the task of providing housing for the population, which is characterized by high consumption and performance with a high level of improvement, rises very sharply. One way to solve this problem is to further increase the number of storeys of residential buildings. Increasing the number of storeys of residential and public buildings is an objective reality at the present stage of urban development in Ukraine, as industrial enterprises are concentrated mainly in large regional centers, which are respectively activated civil housing. All participants of investment and construction process are interested in increasing the number of apartments in residential buildings, efficient use of land and efficient use of investments. This, in turn, leads to the need to ensure a comfortable and safe living conditions in high-rise buildings. One of the major high-rise construction is the location of such facilities, because the main aim is the preservation of the original historic buildings and the unique landscape that mark a specific city and is their calling card. Analyzing the experience of professionals involved in the design, construction and operation of high-rise buildings, it is possible to identify and classify a number of problems, which often arise in the design of high-rise buildings in historic medium major cities of Ukraine: planning problems associated with the inclusion of high-rise buildings in transport and pedestrian networks; functional problems; problems caused by interaction with other objects; landscape and recreational issues; sanitary problems; fire problems; internal organization of the building; engineering problems; geological problems; aesthetic problems; the problems associated with the impact on the behaviour of the population. These features should be considered when designing high-rise buildings and the adoption of urban planning, architecture, space planning, design, engineering and organizational and technological decisions for the construction of high-rise buildings. Purpose. Analysis of the characteristics of high-rise buildings and identify the factors influencing the choice of town-planning, space-planning, constructive, engineering and organizational and technological decisions. Conclusion. The construction of high-rise buildings should be preceded by a detailed comprehensive analysis of urban areas, identifying potential locations of vertical accents and determine the feasibility of their concentration. The identified areas should receive specific training on adapting to the needs of high-rise construction. Such areas, depending on conditions, can be found both in the historical part of the city or on its border, which is almost always associated with certain difficulties, or in a peripheral area or even outside the city, which greatly simplifies the development area. These features necessitated the development of new and improvement of existing methods of formation, evaluation, justification and selection of organizational and technological solutions for the construction of high-rise buildings, because all the known methods have been proposed to the emergence of high-rise buildings.


high-rise construction; town-planning decision; space-planning decision; constructive decision; engineering decision; organizational and technological decision; cost


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