Document management and corporate records research: stages, principles and methods

S. V. Sаvchenko, L. M. Tkach, Y. A. Prokofieva, V. O. Viter


Abstract. Introduction into problem.The professional training of modern specialist in Document Sciences and Information Activities provides the ability to put acquired knowledge into practice particularly in scientific research. The main areas of knowledge applying are Corporate Records and Document Management, Staff Document Management and Archives Information Activities, Analytical Process and Information Optimization. The purpose. The main purposes are: to show the Document Management and Corporate Records stages and steps; to determine and design the structure of the Corporation; to reveal Corporate Records Procedure and Steps errors; to provide regulatory and procedural documents and material and technical facilities; to provide document management in general and document forms particularly; to provide simplification of operation and document optimization. Conclusion. Corporate Records and Document Management Researcher in the process of investigation applies the methods, such as: information analyses, blank-form analyses, unification method, method of observation, interview, questionnaire survey, system and structural and functional methods. The Researcher designs two models. The first model is a content-logical one that is called “model of system” and that records current things. The model helps to study object features by its proper substitute. The second model is called “model for system” that is an ideal invariant of an object in its future when simplification of operation and optimization are applied. Thus, some recommendations are proposed to help specialist in Document Sciences design and provide scientific research.


document sciences; corporation; model; research; methods; analyses; document management; recordkeeping


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