Advantage and disadvantage of shopping mall as an urban building: Kyiv case study

O. V. Berezko


Problem statement. Today shopping mall is one of the most effective forms of city retail space organization. These multifunctional shopping complexes became an inherent part of any big modern city. From the beginning the mall was created for suburbs, having changed in urban buildings, had a lot of transformation. Inspite of this, mall has not yet been considered a full-fledged unit of urban space. Study of influence of urban environment is actual and it will allow to make another step in malls development in the city. Analysis of recent research and publications. The materials of this paper is generally based on the following works: M. Davydenko "Mall and the city: titans battle chronicles", K. Mezentsev "Kyiv public spaces: provision of population and modern transformation" and "Transformation of public spaces in large cities of Ukraine: malls case study", J. Hardwick "Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream", O. Prokopenko "Motorization in the US". Purpose. The purpose of the paper is to trace mall's transformation from a suburban building to an urban, defining positive and negative features of city malls. Conclusion. The article analyzes the background of malls. Among the main prerequisites of malls' formation are motorization of city inhabitants and active suburbs. The phased transformation of the term "mall" is analized and having been used as a characteristic of a layout of organization. This is the type that lies in the basis of retail spaces: social space, both sides of which are shops restaurants and areas of other functionality. This shows the feasibility of using the term "mall". The transformation of a suburban mall into an urban construction has led to a number of changes in its volume-spatial solutions: increase in number of floors, frequent underground location, division into functional blocks etc. The performed analysis of malls showed the attractiveness and feasibility of this type of building even with a large selection of functional diversity beyond. The reason is that malls provide the concentration of goods and services in a space independent of external influences. The disadvantages of urban malls is their high commercialization level and lack of attention to the building appearance.


mall; shopping mall; planning organization; volumetric-spatial design; motorization; urban building


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