Syistemtechnical of problem of planning and development of production control system

I. D. Pavlov, I. A. Arutyunyan, F. I. Pavlov


The problems of joint work of elements of the production systems are investigational taking into account intersystem connections on the base of principles of системотехники and logistic. A model, giving an effective result, is offered, coming from the account of interests of all of participants of difficult production process. The vector of purpose has a clear structure, functional integrity and firmness of unity with an external environment. Basis of harmonious management, co-ordination of all of component parts of the system (volumes of deliveries, transportations of raw material, production, a transport is an user), appears both between itself and with external functions.


systemtechnical problems; management of decisions; logistic; logistic principles; control the system; economy-mathematical model; theory of duality


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