Study of corrosion resistance of perspective low-alloy structural steels

V. I. Bolshakov, G. V. Drozhevska, O. V. Uzlov, O. B. Puchikov


Problem statement. World economy suffers great annual losses due to corrosion deterioration of structures and vehicles. In some countries, losses from corrosion reach several percent of GDP. Development of new materials with increased corrosion resistance is highly relevant in the present time. Application of lacquer coatings do not provide adequate protection from corrosion in the event of abrasive contact of cargo with the protected material (freight wagons for the transport of bulk cargo). Purpose. Conduct the study of corrosion resistance of the new material developed for car building. Compare the results with the corrosion resistance of mass used in car building steel 09G2D. Conclusion  Comparative studies have shown that the corrosion resistance of the perspective steel type 20ATYU is 10% higher compared to steel 09G2D. It was shown prospects of introduction of new economical-alloy structural steel.


corrosion resistance; high strength metal; railway; atmospheric corrosion; acicular ferrite


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