The factors developing a destabilizing influence on the construction and installation works during construction of high-rise buildings

I. I. Zaiats


Problem statement. Construction works associated with many conditions obstructing their production, namely: increase the execution time of technological operations, the residence time of construction equipment at the area of production works, and in some cases cause an overrun of construction materials. Therefore, the actual costs of contractors to perform the whole complex of construction works are increasing. In practice, it often fails to ensure normal conditions of construction and installation works, not complicated by external factors such as overcrowded, pollution, availability of working equipment in the area of production work, etc. Therefore, work is performed under the influence of destabilizing factors that, in turn, affects the cost and duration of their performance. That is why, when designing of the organization of high rise building construction, it is necessary to consider the influence of various destabilizing factors that complicate the production of construction works. The object of study is the process of reconstruction of industrial and civil buildings in well-known works on construction. The process of building of a high-rise multi-functional complexes has specific differences, particularly in the technology and organization of construction process associated with construction in the conditions of functioning structures of large cities and active infrastructure, their record will allow to neutralize or localize the negative influence of destabilizing factors.

Purpose. The definition space of destabilizing factors making a negative influence on the production of construction and installation works during the construction of high-rise multi-functional complexes.

Conclusion. Taking into account the influence of destabilizing factors in the substantiation of the duration and cost of construction of high-rise multi-functional complexes is used by applying of correction coefficient, and the effective design of high-rise construction should be done on the basis of the formation, evaluation, analysis and rational choice variants of organizational and technological decisions.


high-rise building; construction works; construction management; destabilizing factors; cost; duration


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