Determining the sensitivity of the multifractal characteristics of metals

V. Volchuk


Raising of problem. Recently, some articles devoted to the issues of materials, are examples of objects which are used to describe the language of fractal geometry. However, such an approach must be rigorously justified, as it should be based on the fact that the fractal dimension is inherent in the test material can be characterized by its high- quality properties. Until now, this problem was proposed to solve using the criterion of F. Takens. The prerequisites for satisfying this criterion is reduced to measuring any one characteristic of the system under study at different times at intervals Dt . As a result of these measurements are obtained by a bounded sequence {ai },  0 £ i < ¥ . If this sequence r is possible to construct a smooth deterministic model of the form [1], then we are dealing with a complex deterministic process and apply the language of fractal geometry is meaningless. An approach based on the use of multi-fractal theory [2, 3] to quantify the elements of the structure, allows the spectrum by comparing the statistical dimensions of its elements, identify sensitive indicators of qualitative characteristics, in particular the mechanical properties, describing the one-to-one correspondence data dimensional structures and these properties. This in turn reduces the incompleteness of formal axiomatic that occurs in the description of the elements of the metal structure through the traditional figures of Euclidean geometry by identifying structurally sensitive to the quality criteria of dimensional ratings.

Purpose. To determine the sensitivity between the dimensional assessments of the structural elements of roll-iron and mechanical properties.

Conclusion. To predict the mechanical properties of cast iron plate roll form graphite is advisable to use it with an increase in the dimensional assessment framework ´200. Dimension assessment graphite, due to their low sensitivity to mechanical properties, applied to their forecast of the investigated large-scale representation of the range of structure (´100, ´1000) correctly.


sensitivity; multifractal structure; mechanical properties; dimension


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