Structure optimization of reservation by precise quadratic regularization

A. I. Kosolap, A. A. Dovgopola


The problem of optimization of the structure of systems redundancy elements. Such problems arise in the design of complex systems. To improve the reliability of operation of such systems of its elements are duplicated. This increases system cost and improves its reliability. When optimizing these systems is maximized probability of failure of the entire system while limiting its cost or the cost is minimized for a given probability of failure-free operation. A mathematical model of the problem is a discrete backup multiextremal. To search for the global extremum of currently used methods of Lagrange multipliers, coordinate descent, dynamic programming, random search. These methods guarantee a just and local solutions are used in the backup tasks of small dimension. In the work for solving redundancy uses a new method for accurate quadratic regularization. This method allows you to convert the original discrete problem to the maximization of multi vector norm on a convex set. This means that the diversity of the tasks given to the problem of redundancy maximize vector norm on a convex set. To solve the problem, a reformed straight- dual interior point methods. Currently, it is the best method for local optimization of nonlinear problems. Transformed the task includes a new auxiliary variable, which is determined by dichotomy. There have been numerous comparative numerical experiments in problems with the number of redundant subsystems to one hundred. These experiments confirm the effectiveness of the method of precise quadratic regularization for solving problems of redundancy.


backup system; optimization; multiextremal problems; the exact method of quadratic regularization


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