Principles of designing the center for administrative services in Dnipropetrovs’k

S. I. Podolynnyy, H. G. Boldyreva, D. V. Datskiv


Problem. Nowadays providing administrative services of good quality is considered to be one of the most important conditions for establishing firm and democratic relations between local authorities and population The work for creating municipal institutions using the principle of a "single window" is being fulfilled in Dnipropetrovs’k. Two pilot projects have been done at the Department of Architectural Engineering and Design (Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Construction and Architecture).

Objective. To demonstrate peculiarities of two project proposals for CAS comparing them with the recommendations of State Administration and basic principles formed while designing similar objects in foreign practice.

Main part. Basic principles for creating the Center for Administrative Services (CAS) were formulated regarding foreign experience and recommendations of State Administration. These principles are organized as three conceptual blocks: city-planning relevancy, functional arrangement, form making and artistic image peculiarities. CAS on the left bank of the river is situated on the territory that is being reconstructed at the moment. It is a functional and compositional landmark of social and administrative subcentre of the left bank. The Centre is designed in a 16-storey building with a build-in and build-on 2-floor block of the front-office. The front-office is designed for 121 working places and the back-office – for 440 ones. The general area of the front-office is 605 sq. m., the area of the back-office is 2130 sq. m. Artistic characteristics are designed according to traditional office planning schemes. CAS of the right bank is planned on a vacant site on Zaporiz’ke highway. Spacious parking lots are also provided on the territory. The building is positioned sideways on to the highway with its long axis. It can serve as a peculiar sign at the entrance to the city. The front-office is situated in a two-floor stylobate of the Center. Premises of the back-office are designed in a 10-19-storey U-shape building. Spatial arrangement of the front-office resembles a ‘bird with outspread wings’. Volumetric and spatial calisthenics of the Center is connected with the typical concept of a ‘single window’. The general area of the front-office is 8216 sq. m., the back-office – 13925 sq. m.

Conclusion. Considering the absence of corresponding norms and domestic experience for designing CAS pilot proposals are an important stage of creating administrative institutions of a new type. In general, the reviewed functional and architectural design corresponds to the desired goals. Proposals concerning artistic characteristics are less unambiguous. Further research and pilot project elaboration should be focused on revealing the principles of interaction between city-planning factors and specific artistic characteristics of the object.


center for administrative services; front office; back office; general construction plan; functional program; artistic design


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