Ukrainian hut - return to the history

V. Babenko


Review of the collective monograph "History and traditions of Ukrainian folk dwelling Dnipro region" ./ G.P. Evseev, M. D. Savitsky. − PSABA, 2016. - 269 p.

Today's generation of young people is at the crossroads of different ages, outlooks, in transition between past and future. It is very difficult to find their identity in the modern world, find themselves in time and history ... The transfer of national experience of each state, attracting traditions, norms and values of each people to cultural and historical treasure of the world has always been, is and will be the most important functions of education in the historical development mankind. Collective monograph "History and tradition hatobuduvannya Ukrainian Dnipro region" is a significant step in achieving this primary function of education. This work, with which you can solve important tasks now facing the humanitarian academic disciplines such as help the young person understand the most important humanistic values and traditions of our society; promote understanding of the nature of social and interpersonal relations, their socio- cultural and other aspects; orient students to study subjects that form in their understanding of the identity of the individual, helping to master a certain amount of knowledge that underlie the formation of personal citizenship. Analysis of previous publications. Detection of the social nature and essence of tradition and history ukrayinskohonarodnohozhytla, its role and place in society, correlation and mechanism of succession as a prerequisite for social progress, dedicated work Voropay A.,
G. Chubinskogo Bulasheva A., H. Wolf, V.Voytovych [ 3; 6; 1; 2; 4] and other scientists. The authors gathered economically Ukrainian traditions prevailing among the people for many centuries the lives of our ancestors. Modern scholars A. Danyluk, V. Samoilovych, Mr. Yurchenko [5; 7] and highlighted the continued use of Ukrainian traditions in hatno-commercial construction. Nevertheless there are very few developments relating to such influential in economic and industrial terms, the region as the Dnieper region. Conclusions. Having the honor to participate at least in a way this is extremely important and profound book about Ukraine and Ukrainians want to complete their review of our words of prominent Ukrainian historian and culture expert Miroslav Popovich: "... Ukraine makes people not blood and earth. Ukraine makes them and the culture in which they are involved ... Ukraine - people who maintain and develop from generation to generation certain standard of living, values and norms, life and culture ... Buildings, books, music, live only when they read, perceive understand. What a huge and bottomless that dumb us the walls of ancient monasteries and pages of new and old books - silent until we find the key to understanding and empathy - all that is a national culture, without which callous earth and stranger blood ... options accident and loss of values lot revival only one option. This careful preservation of all that served in our history, truth, goodness and beauty.


traditions Ukrainian people; the folk architecture of housing; eco-village; Ukrainian hut traditions in building houses; constructing technology Ukrainian folk dwelling


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