No 9 (2016)

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Table of Contents

scientific investigation

Analysis of existing schemes and the optimizing settlement chois of piles work schemes in clay soils PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bolshakov, A. N. Motornyi, N. A. Motornyi 10-21
Logistical support of processes of sorting out of the destroyed building objects PDF (Українська)
S. V. Shatov 22-28
Study of horizontal screen strength created by injection technology cement binder based PDF (Русский)
O. I. Menejljuk, A. F. Petrovsky, O. O. Borisov, I. M. Babij 29-35
Friction torque in the slide bearings PDF (Русский)
L. N. Bondarenko, G. K. Dyomin, A. P. Buratinsky 36-47
Influence of organizational and technological solutions to technical and economical indicators in project of heat insulation facades PDF (Русский)
I. M. Babij, A. I. Kaminskaya–Pinaeva 42-48


Analysis of practical experience of the formation of low–carbon cities with the system Of the building eco–ministruktur PDF (Русский)
N. Ya. Krizhanovskaya, O. V. Smirnova 49-55
New classification of ecopolices PDF (Русский)
V. V. Vorob'ev, O. S. Shylo 56-65
Functional conversion of granite quarries (methodological aspects of architectural and urban planning solutions) PDF (Русский)
S. I. Podolynnyy, T. A. Grebinnyk, H. G. Boldyreva, T. R. Kryvonos 66-75

Humanitarian issues

Lexicographical achievements and prospects of the construction industry PDF (Українська)
G. P. Yevseieva, V. S. Yegorova 76-82