No 9 (2013)

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Table of Contents

Scientific investigation

Effect of time mezhdeformatsionnyh pauses and single degree of deformation on the formation of structure steel pattern during cyclic torsion PDF (Русский)
E. E. Lezinskaya, L. Kovalev, V. Perchanik, C. Pinchuk, V. Balakin, D. Tsishkevich 4-9
The organization of the engineering site preparation PDF (Русский)
P. І. Oleynik, V. I. Brodsky 9-13
Elektorohimicheskoe despergirovanie carbon materials PDF (Русский)
V. I. Vaganov 13-18
Definition of rational structure of load-lifting mechanisms with application of the theory of games PDF (Українська)
S. F. Kurta 18-23
Meeting the challenges sealing of pipelines transporting and storage containers of liquids in extreme situations PDF (Русский)
A. S. Chaplygin 23-28
The calculation of the distribution of temperature fields in thickness airfield plates for the effects of temperature and climatic influences PDF (Русский)
O. Yul. Konoplyanyk, I. D. Semenov 28-34
Simulation modelling of the car brake vacuum booster and the main brake cylinder PDF (Українська)
M. V. Dyachuk, D. I. Petrenko, A. P. Dimihin 34-40
Comparison of technical and economic indicators unit of restoration plasters different technologies PDF (Українська)
O. S. Molodid 40-44


Polydinamomorphological center of symbiotical Ecopolys PDF (Русский)
V. V. Vorob'ev, I. O. Merylova 44-51
The influence of industrial purpose objects on the large cities architectural three-dimensional composition formation PDF (Русский)
A. G. Pestrikova, E. A. Burda 51-57

Humanitarian issues

Current issues Current issues scientometrics. Important factors evaluation of scientist PDF (Українська)
M. V. Savytskyi, G. P. Evseeva, N. А. Dorofeyeva 57-59
Clock concept of the noosphere in contemporary discourse PDF (Українська)
M. G. Skladanovs'ka 59-63
The history of the building of the first bakery PDF (Українська)
G. I. Lysenko 63-66