No 1 (2017)

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Table of Contents

Scientific investigation

IFM – scientific centre of the development of the Ukrainian metallurgical industry PDF (Українська)
V. I. Bolshakov, G. P. Yevseieva, A. G. Peretokin 10-22
Reasons analysis of the «topolina» catastrophe and activities, excluding designing similar phenomena of buildings on collapsible soils (to the 20th anniversary of disaster) (part 1) PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bolshakov, A. N. Motornyi 23-36
Design and technological solutions for the restoration of sewers using elements of recycled polymer composite materials PDF (Русский)
D. F. Goncharenko, A. V. Ubyivovk, A. A. Garmash 37-42
Determination of destructions character of building upper floors at technogenic failures PDF (Русский)
A. S. Belikov, S. V. Shatov, M. Yu. Ulitina, V. A. Holender 43-48
Structural optimization of functionally graded materials with small concentration of inclusions PDF (Русский)
A. A. Diskovsky, O. I. Prudko 49-56
About rationing maximum allowable defect depth on the surface of steel billets in production of hot-rolled steel PDF (Русский)
E. V. Parusov, V. A. Lutsenko, I. N. Chuiko, L. V. Sahura, T. N. Golubenko 57-63
Features application of a construction method «up – down» in the high-rise buildings construction PDF (Українська)
Y. I. Zaiats 64-69
Analytical and scientific review of projects and programmes on changes strategy implementation PDF (Русский)
V. R. Mlodetskyy, O. M. Andriushchenko, Ya. Ya. Kobenec, Yu. V. Spektor 70-79
Technology of repairing operational suitability bitumen-ruberoid carpet PDF (Українська)
K. M. Mishuk 80-84


Creative activities and prospects of architectural workshop «Dol'nik and Kо» PDF (Українська)
G. P. Yevseieva, A. G. Peretokin, O. D. Zhak 85-99
The investigation of the factors which lead to the destruction of orthodox church buildings and their parts PDF
V. V. Lykhohrai 100-107