No 3 (2017)

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Scientific investigation

Methodological bases for investigation of the grain-boundary structure in steels with α, γ and α + γ phase state PDF (Українська)
V. I. Bolshakov, G. D. Sukhomlin, T. O. Dergach 10-21
Strain-stress distribution of “homogeneous” soil mass during the load transmitted through the limited area in the plan, applied inside the elastic homogeneous soil mass PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bolshakov, A. M. Motornyi, M. A. Motornyi 22-30
Zoning of the city territory on the basis of the market value of real estate as the basis of the normative monetary valuation of land PDF (Українська)
Yur. O. Kirichek, Ye. O. Lando, D. K. Bykov 31-40
Spacial geoinformation systems PDF (Українська)
Yur. O. Kirichek, V. O. Gryanyk 41-46
Study of base components of shell-bottom junction stress-strain state dependence on bottom-foundation interaction model PDF (Русский)
E. A. Egorov, A. S. Deynega 47-54
Evaluation of land based on market price objects of real estate in ukraine: problems and ways of their solutions PDF (Українська)
A. G. Martyn, A. A. Koshel 55-61
Nature of the real property and its value PDF (Русский)
O. I. Drapikovskyi, I. B. Ivanova 62-68
Biomechanical justification of the threaded element’s form of the total hip endoprosthesis’ acetabular component PDF (Русский)
S. P. Panchenko, O. Ie. Oleynik, O. O. Kovbasa, M. O. Frolov 69-78
Using of the mathematical statistics methods for the characteristic of the ele-mental contamination urban ecosystems soils by the heavy metals PDF (Українська)
T. F. Yakovyshyna 79-85
State policy of territorial planning of agricultural-building clusters organization: Prydniprovskyi region PDF (Українська)
G. P. Yevseieva, M. V. Savytskyi, Ie. O. Yevseev 86-95
New technology of ash and slag concretes PDF (Русский)
T. M. Pavlenko 96-100
Development of estimation methods of organizational and technological reliability level of buildings and structures in projects of biopher-supporting construction PDF (Українська)
D. O. Chernyshev 101-107


Spatial composition of the park named after I. D. Cherniakhovskyi in Uman in Cherkasy region PDF (Українська)
Yur. I. Yegorov, V. P. Shlapak 108-114
Art and architectural analysis of zhydychyn monastery metropolitan house exterior reconstruction PDF (Українська)
O. O. Lesyk-Bondaruk 115-124
Student’s view on the founding of the city PDF (Українська)
G. I. Lysenko, K. Zhovtopup 125-133
Experience and problems of formation sports zones of educational institutions PDF (Українська)
L. M. Kovalsky, I. O. Merylova, D. S. Kravcov 134-141