No 6 (2017)

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Scientific investigation

Influence of changes in the humidity conditions of the soil mass and pressure transmitted on it for the implementation of the collapsing property of the loess collapsing soils and... PDF (Русский)
V. I. Bolshakov, A. N. Motorny, N. A. Motorny 10-26
Features of kinetics of destroying austenite and the regularities of formation of the С82DCr steel structure during continuous cooling PDF (Русский)
E. V. Parusov, S. I. Gubenko, A. P. Klimenko, I. N. Chuiko, L. V. Sahura 27-36
Evolution of the conceptual-terminological apparatus of clusters investigation PDF (Українська)
G. P. Yevseіeva, M. V. Savitsky 37-49
Method of the «fault tree» in evaluating the realization of the calendar plan
T. V. Tkach, V. R. Mlodetskiy, O. V. Kirnos 50-58
Optimization of the structure of the system with «cold» reservation PDF (Русский)
S. N. Semenets, S. S. Nasonova, Yu. E. Vlasenko, L. Yu. Krivenkova 59-64
The estimation of the atmospheric air pollution’s level by stationary and linear sources of the emissions PDF (Українська)
О. А. Тymoshenko, А. V. Minovskaya 65-71
Principles for forming the complex of factors influencing the technic and economic indicators of projects of industrial enterprises reconstruction PDF (Українська)
V. V. Kovalov 72-77
Interval estimates of the solution statistical model of management PDF (Русский)
L. V. Tsibriy, S. S. Muliar 78-84
Improvement of forms and methods of introduction of information and computer technologies while teaching the course «intellectual property» for students of technical higher educational establishments of civil engineering branches PDF (Українська)
V. A. Babenko 85-96
Mathematical modeling of the ceramic tile burning process PDF (Українська)
L. I. Chumak, V. O. Uzelovsky, V. O. Chernenko 97-102
Integral index of level of occupational take PDF (Українська)
Yu. P. Rogach 103-109
Increase of exactness primary transformers of inclinometer for systems control of orientation of objects PDF (Українська)
L. I. Zhivtsova 110-116